Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Night

Three days to Christmas we are! I found this Christmas Night Scratch game by MyRedNeptune game that I want to share with all:

It's been liked and downloaded a lot, so others must have enjoyed it as much as I have. What first struck me about the game is how simple it was. Then I realized that the pulling factor for me is the scoring display with its cute line up of little presents. The other drawing factor is the idea of Santa upgrading himself to a plane - powered by environmentally friendly magic fairy dust, I am sure =)

Adorable score display
So, I took a look at the script to see how the scoring display works. The idea is simple. It uses two sprites: one of them, No Presents, has 50% ghosting effect that always stays on stage, giving clue to the number of presents that needs to be delivered  to get to the next stage.

Two sprites for the score display
The other sprite has lots of costumes with increasing number of presents. It stays in front of the No Presents sprite previously mentioned, and switches to the next costume as a present successfully reaches a chimney. The last costume is a line of ten presents but all in white. It alternates between the one with colours to give a flashing effect.

Three out of eleven of Score sprite's costumes
costume10 and costume11 alternate to give flashing effect on the display
Now, isn't this neat?? Gotta love the simplicity. I remixed this project into a game-cum-greeting. Will post it up tomorrow.

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